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Coming soon…our report of findings, and then, our next steps.

We have now moved from collecting and analysing our survey data, to drafting our report to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland. Thank you so much to everybody in our community who took part – we really appreciate people taking the time to do so. Without them, we could not have achieved so much.

We will publish a copy of the report for general public consumption in both Microsoft word and Acrobat pdf formats, on this blog. At present, we hope the report will be available by the end of July 2020.

Finally, we are still analysing additional social media data and some qualitative interviews with key public stakeholders, with a view to writing a disciplinary-focused criminological academic paper for peer review. We will also make a copy of this article available on this blog. This should happen later in the year once we have fully digested the implications of our research. Probably from around November onwards.


Author: Marty Chamberlain

Professor of Criminology School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Law Teesside University

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